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Allied Health- Health Care Risk Management & Patient Safety

Dates:January 11 - December 20, 2017
Meets:W and M from 12 M to 12:00 AM, 12 sessions
Instructor:Kathy Smith
Fee:Registration: $349.00

This is a twelve-week module. You can begin at any time.
This course is part of SIU’s planned flexible learning series in healthcare.

The required course text books are $140.00 and will serve as valuable resources after course completion (digital versions can be downloaded for less).

Risk Management in Health Care Institutions: Limiting Liability and Enhancing Care, 3rd Edition ISBN-13: 978-1449645656 ISBN-10: 1449645658

Patient Safety and Healthcare Improvement at a Glance ISBN13- 978-1118361368 ISBN 10- 1118361369

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