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Upcoming Courses You May Be Interested In:

05/29/2018Chamber Music Seminar - Piano and Strings
06/02/2018Putting Children First: Co-Parenting After Separation and/or Divorce
06/04/2018LEGO Mindstorms Session 1
06/04/2018LEGO Mindstorms Session 2
06/04/2018LEGO Beginning Engineering Session 3
06/04/2018LEGO Advanced Engineering Session 4
06/04/2018Summer String Camp 2018 (Grades 3-8)
06/04/20182018 Day Clinics 1
06/04/2018Summer String Camp 2018 (Grades 6-12)
06/05/2018Fundamental Vehicles Systems, Repair and Fleet Asset Control June Workshop
06/07/20182018 All Skills Camp
06/10/2018Challenge to Excellence I (Grades 6-8)
06/10/2018Saluki Enrichment Pre-vet Program (SEPP)
06/10/2018High School Band Camp
06/10/2018Junior High Band Camp
06/10/2018Color Guard Camp
06/10/2018Drum Major Camp
06/10/2018Marching Percussion Camp
06/11/2018LEGO Mindstorms Session 5
06/11/2018LEGO Mindstorms Session 6
06/11/2018LEGO Beginning Engineering Session 7
06/11/2018LEGO Advanced Engineering Session 8
06/11/2018Saluki Baseball Camp
06/11/2018Challenger British Soccer
06/11/2018Drawing (Grades 4-8)
06/11/2018Drawing (Grades 1-3)
06/11/2018Community Listener's Permit Program - Summer 2018
06/17/2018Challenge to Excellence II (Grades 9-11)
06/18/2018LEGO Mindstorms Session 9
06/18/2018LEGO WeDo Robotics Session 10
06/18/2018LEGO Beginning Engineering Session 11
06/18/2018LEGO Advanced Engineering Session 12
06/18/2018Kid Architecture Camp 2018
06/18/2018Painting (Grades 4-8)
06/18/2018Painting (Grades 1-3)
06/23/2018Writers In Common
06/24/2018Summer Wings 2018
06/25/2018LEGO Mindstorms Session 13
06/25/2018LEGO WeDo Robotics Session 14
06/25/2018LEGO Beginning Engineering Session 15
06/25/2018LEGO Advanced Engineering Session 16
06/25/2018Ceramics / Pottery Wheel (Grades 4-8)
06/25/2018Ceramics / Pottery Wheel (Grades 1-3)
06/25/2018Big Bugs Sculpture! (Grades 2-5)
06/25/2018Fantastic Fabrics and Fibers! (Grades 6-9)
06/25/2018SIU Bowling and Billiards Summer Camp - Grades 5-12
06/25/2018Beginning Piano Camp
06/27/2018Saluki Cross Country Camp
06/27/2018Unmanned Aircraft Systems Certification Course